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Comprehensive Construction Site Surveillance by Experienced Security Guards

Custom Solutions to Prevent Theft and Maximize Site Security

Can you imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your construction site is being heavily guarded by highly experienced security guards? Well, that dream can now become a reality and help you sleep better with our construction site security guards. Construction has always been a risky business but OPSinc knows exactly how to handle the security issues and risks involved within this industry.

Our main job is to protect your site and keep it safe from thieves, and other troublemakers, especially those who are looking for vandalism opportunities. We don’t just offer any subpar and less trained in the name of guards, mind you. Our team consists of experts who have been highly trained and are familiar with all the necessary protocols and knowledge to handle any issues.

What’s actually amazing is that you’ll get a comprehensive suite of services without even breaking the bank. Need unarmed or armed guards or even any onsite security officers, we have got you covered –comprehensively to say the least. Our guards are licensed and can be hired at very affordable prices so you’d know your ROI won’t take a hit for security.

Frequent Reporting & Logging

But our services are not just about ordering a bunch of guards on the ground in your premises. Instead, we also make sure to keep you updated and well-informed with reports and activity logs on your site or property on a very frequent basis. What’s more, we have also trained our team to detect and spot any issues, like plumbing issues, breakages etc and quickly report them back to take further action and resolve them as soon as possible.

Customized Protocol Per Site

Two construction sites can never be the same unless it’s a rare scenario. Hence, each site will be unique due to which we also offer highly customizable protocols that we will custom-make just for you. Our construction security agency is always available and on-call if you need them to perform assessments. We understand the risks and hazards that come with the construction sites so our guards have ample knowledge to address it as soon as possible.

Max Equipment Theft Prevention

You see, equipment theft is probably one of the biggest challenges that people face on their construction sites. It’s a battle that needs to be fought around the clock. Fortunately, our guards are up to the task with all their necessary trainings to keep an eye on your equipment so that it never goes missing. We know your assets are extremely valuable and probably as important as the people on-site so our guards shall stay extra vigilant to guard your equipment.

Construction site security guard duties include but are not limited to:

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