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Armed School Security Guards

Enhance student safety with our specialized school security guard services. Our trained campus security officers are dedicated to providing a secure learning environment for educational institutions at all levels. Trust us to safeguard your school with expertise and care

Now is the time to upgrade the security of your educational institution with our special and top notch school security guard services. Our main focus is to provide a protected learning environment to your students and our trained campus security officers carry out this aim by making the students safe and secure at all levels.

Our Armed School Security Guard program has properly been vetted. We have designed it to offer the best level of student protection at a very affordable and reasonable price. Our primary commitment is to protect and defend your school and give your community a sense of security and peace of mind. Our armed security guards serve at both campus and district levels, no matter it is an elementary school or a college. What makes our security more effective is that we understand the challenges school security directors may face and work with our teams to mitigate all such concerns and issues.

Our world is changing rapidly, but so are our modern approaches towards security and safety. That’s why we keep our armed guards updated with the modern threats and make sure that they have the highest levels of training that are required for professional security personnel. Our student protection program is customizable to keep your school safe from any potential armed threats. Our staff will also carry out drills and training sessions to understand and get used to your school’s layout in a comprehensive manner.

Within the first month, all of your students and staff will be trained on how to:

  • Stay cautious of possible dangers around them.
  • Identify the two nearest exitways.
  • Secure the doors and position themselves for bulletproof protection.
  • Respond to law enforcement in violent situations.
  • Defend themselves with simple techniques.

We know that the role of a school security guard demands a lot of dedication and skills. They not just protect from various intrusions but also help to monitor the hallways, welcome any visitors and engage with the staff and students for various reasons. So our armed guards have been trained to focus on proactive security measures and effective ways of communication when they are on duty.

We Specialize in Providing Armed Guard Security Services For Schools

Quality Service and Protection, No Matter What

School safety requires the knowledgeable application of several overlapping security services. OPS Private Security offers nearly every security solution you may need. Some of the services and assistance our local schools hire us for are the following:
- Campus Event Security
- Armed Guards
- Remote Monitored Surveillance
- Active Shooter Response Training

Have Enough Experience as School Security Guard

Our School Security Guards have enough experience to do the job as we all know that some states and schools may require some previous experience in security. The assurance that they can work well with students, teachers, and school administrators and the protection and safety they can provide to anyone at the school.

Well-Trained Security Guard

Our School Security guards undergo pieces of training and have completed courses and become certified school security guards. Proper preparations take place for them to be qualified as school security guards.

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Exceptional Customer Service

OPS mall and shopping security guards are trained in customer service. This means that we are friendly and approachable, and should be able to assist shoppers and employees with any questions or concerns they may have. A security guard who is approachable and helpful can help to create a positive shopping experience for customers.

Our Student Protection Guards can provide

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