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Event Security Services

Technology, Specialized Focus, & Trust

Our Event Security Guard Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Private parties
  • Charity events
  • Business gatherings
  • Red-carpet events
  • Black tie affairs
  • Political events
  • Fund raisers
  • Music concert tour stop

The OPS Even Security Approach than ever before.


At OPS, our approach to event security management includes the latest, cutting edge technology. The feedback from our previous and present clients proudly includes an in-depth appreciation of our use of top of the line devices and strategies to make sure that everyone who is attending your event stays absolutely safe and secure. Change is the only constant in this world. We understand this and always stay one step ahead in our strategies to handle the security challenges. For example, our security guards use high-end smartphones to quickly send the images and videos of any incidents which helps them correspond with relevant authorities extremely quickly and effectively. In addition to that, each guard also has a GPS tracker which helps our supervisors monitor the exact location of all the guards via GPS tracking all the time during their shifts. This will make sure that all security details of your event are highly responsive and the guards can coordinate and assist quickly whenever needed.


Just like our guards have been trained in exceptional customer service training, flexibility is also among the pillars of our top notch security and effective management. Hence, we understand that each event will be different and will have its own set of requirements, issues and security risks. So whether it is an outdoor festival or a private indoor gathering, our team of security experts is experienced enough to handle any situation or issue that may present itself unexpectedly. We select each guard on the basis of your specific event and its security requirements. This helps us guarantee a responsive and highly customized security solution so that we can create a secure environment and also provide quick incident resolution plans. Our guards also use GPS tracking and have the latest security equipment and technology to give you the peace of mind and a secure environment for your events you so richly deserve.

Real Time Reporting

The first step to resolve any security issues quickly is to report them as soon as possible. We understand this clearly and that’s why we have now invested heavily in the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment so that our guards can provide real time notifications and quick updates of any potential issues and violations to all our units and the management. Our security managers are highly experienced security personnel so they know and understand how to handle such situations in a quick and efficient manner. We believe that open communication plays a key role to overcome the challenges of event security management, hence our security models and strategies reflect that priority clearly. We are always present and available to listen to your concerns and valuable feedback so that the security requirements of your event are met with our highest level of care and attention.

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