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Front Desk Security Services

Specializing in reception and lobby security services, our team ensures a welcoming yet secure environment for businesses and hotels alike. Trust us for reliable 24/7 front desk security solutions

It’s time for you to experience top-notch luxury and security with our White Glove Concierge Services. When you choose OPS, you don’t just choose conventional security services, you select excellence in every single aspect of corporate and residential front desk security services. We have a dedicated team of front desk guards who don’t just have the necessary training and expertise but also the highest level of grace and professionalism.

With us, you can now image an elite staff as a part of your growth to represent the true essence and style of your building. Our concierge unit not just handles all your security protocols but also creates a hospitable environment for your guests. Their warmth and attentiveness will set the tone for their whole experience.

With OPS, you can have peace of mind and know that your security is in the hands of an expert team who take care of everything down to the minute details. So take the next step in your professional and personal life to improve your security and comfort with our White Glove Concierge Services.

Our front desk security roles include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling any appointments
  • Giving your guests and clients information about the buildings
  • Distributing and accepting packages & deliveries
  • Notifying building residents about any updates
  • Assisting first responders in any emergencies
  • Reporting any maintenance or safety-related issues.

Why Choose OPS for Front Desk Security

Efficient & Secure Data Handling

You want to trust your front desk to somebody who knows their job, individuals who are exceptional in customer services as well as good with technology. That’s exactly what our reception security guards excel at. They are experts and have been trained well to handle all employee and resident data in a seamless way.

Improved Resident & Employee Engagement

A welcoming front desk is all that we want to see when we enter any building. They are the initial point of contact for everyone who comes in and the personnel sitting there play a very crucial role in creating a good experience for the visitors. OPS goes way beyond those traditional security measures and deploys personalized concierge services to create a stronger and more comfortable bond between you and your visitors.

Physical Proficiency Is Guaranteed

The front desk staff has to handle a lot at times. That may include extended office hours, lifting or carrying heavy items etc. So in addition to their security-related and tech expertise, they have to be in good form physically. OPS makes sure that each member of our team meets our set standard of physical demands. We also provide a lot of comprehensive trainings to help them give your visitors a seamless front desk experience.

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